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Our Features

These are basic features of Summitspur which guarantee our investments are always profitable and helps us meet investors financial goals. Summitspur puts smile on investors face always.

Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

Investment are properly hedged and diversified.

Summitspur employs fundamental and technical analytics on investments instruments thereby reducing risk of capital loss to the minimal.

Univarsal Access

Healthy Diversification

We maintain a reasonal degree of diversification and Profit aggression

Through Diversification we are able to always meet our investors designated daily profits. We are taking profits from all types of investment instruments.

Secure Storage

Universal Access

Our investments spans global markets and industries, through all types of investment instruments

Earngrowth Funds invests in markets and industries abroad and within USA. Our investment scouts are expertly trained for this, therby ensuring we are able to take profitable poitions early.

Low Cost

Zero Cost

There's no fee or cost for transactions

Summitspur charges zero service fee for transactions on funds because we aim to grow our members funds till they attain their goals.

Early Bonus

Early Bonus

Investor are rewarded quarterly for staying onboard with us.

We rewardly our investors more than five times for staying onboard with us. This funds are readily available to our investors as soon as we reward it.

Several Profit

Account Security

Security of investors portfolios are protected by meta Tech Security.

Summitspur employs the highest security facilities such as Meta Tech Security, Email verification and Transactional pin verification are included with high a degree password system.

Univarsal Access

Customer Support

Investor are able to contact us 24/7

We are always online and ready to respond to our investors and meet their needs. investors can contact us through emails, Phone calls and LiveChat system on the webite. They can also come to the Head Office at 8 East Goldfield St. Bronx, NY 10456.


About Summitspur

Why Investors Choose Us?

We are very passionate and goal driven when it comes to meeting investment needs. Summitspur manages investment portfolio, recommends investment opportunities and helps investors make profit daily at a very low fee. Profit and capital are always available to investors. We help you grow when you invest with us.

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Earngrowthfund Investment are expertly made to always suit investors needs. Investors can either upgrade from one package to another or automatically moved to another package depending on available funds.


10% earnings
for 24 hours
Min Deposit - 100
Max Deposit - 499
Referral Income - 10.0%
Online Support


15% earnings
for 48 hours
Min Deposit - 500
Max Deposit - 2999
Referral Income - 12.0%
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25% earnings
for 72 hours
Min Deposit - 3000
Max Deposit - 9999
Referral Income - 15.0%
Online Support


30% earnings
for 144 hours
Min Deposit - 10000
Max Deposit - 50000
Referral Income - 20.0%
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Our Numbers Overview

This statiscal representation shows our financial markets stratey and direction Summitspur is moving. Nonetheless, our goals and visions remains ever aligned with our members - achieving success in the ever changing markets.

  • 73% Stocks and Bonds
  • 55% Real Estate
  • 12% Minerals
  • 32% Forex, Futures and Options
  • 38% Crytocurrency and NFTs

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We've committed to giving investors the latest events and trending news on the financial markets. Summitspur is determined to meet all our investors needs.

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All-in-one app.Ease of operation and deposits, including but not limited to Plan upgrade, Trade Analysis, Economic updates, Crytocurrency watchlist. Stay tuned for notifications about app launches.

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  • Fast and Smooth Account Monitoring

  • Offline State.