What is Management fee?

$0.00. Yes, because you are a partner once you start investing in SUMMITSPUR Ltd and you receive profits as a partner does at zero cost.

How do i earn?

You earn a daily income at the rate stated by your choice of the investment package. This fund is generated through our dealings in the financial markets and returned to our members.

How can I participate in the Mining?

You can participate in mining by contacting the company through LiveChat support to indicate your interest.

How do I benefit from long period investment?

Every member that holds its funds in SUMMITSPUR Ltd for more than 6 months is automatically entitled to quarterly dividend payouts for that calendar year. You can then have the privilege of compounding your income automatically. For more details, contact us through email or LiveChat support.

How can i withdraw my income?

Once you log in, go to your DASHBOARD, then go to withdraw and ENTER the amount you wish you withdraw and submit your request.

Can i choose to withdraw only capital investment?

Yes, you can choose to withdraw only capital. But for you to continue earning you need to have an investment funds left in your account which must be at least $100

Why does SUMMITSPUR accept on cryptos for payment?

SUMMITSPUR Ltd accepts only cryptocurrencies because it makes it easier to process transactions without having to deal with so many fiat currencies and their rates thereby reducing slippage during orders.

How can I participate in affiliate program?

It's quite easy, once you go to your dashboard, go to your profile management, then the Affiliate link on the affiliate link input field. Next, invite someone by sending them the link you copied. Once this person clicks on the link, registers and eventually makes a deposit, you will receive a referral commission on each deposit made by this referred member.

What investment classes are contained in my portfolio?

Your portfolio's investment instruments are diversified across many markets and industries thereby ensuring maximum profit is accrued on a daily basis. Contact us through email or LiveChat for more details

How can i change my portfolio's earning package?

Making a fresh deposit into a new pricing plan will automatically change your portfolio management and income into that of the new package

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